PII Viewer for Google Analytics

PII Viewer for Google Analytics is a Google Chrome extension which allows you to map the user ID stored in Google Analytics to locally stored personally identifiable information (PII) such as name and email address.

Mailchimp in GA - with PII

How it works

Sending personally identifiable information (PII) to Google Analytics is strictly prohibited, but sending a unique user ID is in a custom dimension is permitted. This extension allows you to map the user ID stored in Google Analytics to locally stored PII such as name and email address.

Rather than building your own custom integration to map this data together, you can simply reference a locally stored CSV file (or use the in-built Mailchimp integration) and let this Chrome extension do the hard work. This means that you full comply with the Google Analytics privacy policy, but get to understand your visitor data.

PII Viewer for Google Analytics now supports identifying users in Behaviour Flow and Mailchimp integration.



Compliance with Google Analytics Terms of Service

This extension uses PII which is locally stored only, therefore this extension is fully compliant with the Google Analytics Terms of Service.

Contacts at Google have confirmed that the extension is compliant with the terms of service.

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9 comments on “PII Viewer for Google Analytics

  1. Phil Amery says:

    David, this is a very useful tool (extension) you built
    I’m more than confident that many of us in digital marketing will take advantage of all the benefits this tool can offer, a cheaper alternative compared to more robust but paid softwares/applications
    PS: I’ll mention your extension in a study I’m currently working on, will let you know when published/available

    1. Thanks Phil. It’s great to hear that this is being made use of by others too. I’ve tried to make this as simple to understand and use as possible. Feedback of any kind is always most welcome.

  2. Chandra Bhatt says:

    This is very useful write up. We recently started using GA and I was just searching for what all benefits user id feature can provide us and hit your website. Really great piece of Chrome extension to match pseudo user-id to user id and related data. Just wanted to say thanks to you!

  3. Dan Gang says:

    Thanks David it seems you develop very useful tool.
    I have a question to you. I am interested in tracking my Facebook custom audience users. Specifically, we need to associate to each of our users their clicks on ads during various campaigns – assuming clicking on ads lead to our web pages from Facebook site. Can we use your tool to get the information and store per each user what ads s/he clicked?

    Thanks in advance – Dan

    1. Provided the click from each ad has a unique ID that can be attributed to a particular user, and you can get the unique ID out of the advertising platform, then yes it’s possible.

      As an example, you should take a look at the new Mailchimp integration for PII Viewer. I’ve written a tutorial on how to do something very similar on this post – Displaying Mailchimp subscribers in Google Analytics

  4. does this extension work with Unviersal Analytics. I am reading that Google does not allow the extraction of UserID via the Universal Analytics API. Am I wrong? How do you get around this, if at all?

    1. This works with Universal Analytics and is has been confirmed to be permitted by Google &nash; in fact it was confirmed personally to me by their Analytics Evangelist. You need to send a “universally unique identifier” which is known only to you as a custom user ID / custom dimension.

      Check the following posts:

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