I recently noticed some old presentations that I’d not put online. The first comes from IBM Connect in February of this year.

Jan Valdman and I submitted a presentation hooking Watson, the internet of things and cognitive services together. Unfortunately, Jan couldn’t make it to the conference, so I presented solo with a quick video demo from Jan.

The presentation comprised 4 live demos of connecting to IBM service using the internet of things

  • Jan’s demo on an Arduino posting activity to IBM Connections activities using NodeRed
  • A demo connecting an Amazon Echo/Alexa to Watson Workspace to post messages using IFTT
  • A demo connecting an Amazon Echo/Alexa to IBM Connections to read activities and information from IBM Connections
  • A demo using a microphone & IoT device to talk to Watson speech to text which in turn posts updates to the IBM Connections activity stream using NodeRed

The slides are shared below, as are 2 of the demos.


Alexa and IBM Connections demo

Created using NodeRed

Alexa and Watson Workspace demo

Created using IFTTT