Filed under note to self. I have a Howdens/Lamona HJA89701 -1400rpm Integrated Washer Dryer. The dryer bit stopped working, so I sent for the repair man. The first guy agreed it wasn't drying but sent for backup. Who arrived several days later.

The backup guy unscrewed the top and pressed a red button to reset the thermostat. Job done.

This may happen again. It's really easy to fix. Just pop the top off and press the red button (marked). The photo below is taken from above the machine.


It may last a bit longer now. Also, this post may save someone a call out fee or just time waiting around for an engineer to show up.

Update: This was just masking the real problem. The dryer unit has a plastic condensation chamber. This was filled to the brim with fluff from clothes after less than 2 years. Apparently the previous model would stop drying after about 3 months if you routinely dried towels in it. Great.

Emptying the fluff meant that it worked again for another day. Beware, the professional repair man spent nearly an hour refitting this part, so it may be quite difficult to refit.