This is another "note to self". If you have a web server on a Vagrant box and wish for the host to appear to serve the content take a look.

Step 1

In the Vagrantfile add: :forwarded_port, guest: 80, host: 8080

The guest will forward port 80 to port 8080 on the host machine. Remember, the first 1024 ports are restricted to root.

Step 2

To resolve this problem, you can setup a temporary firewall change on your Mac using ipfw.

In terminal on your host machine type:
sudo ipfw add 80 fwd,8080 tcp from any to me 80

This forwards any requests to the host on port 80 to port 8080 on the host.

So, the port forwarding flow becomes:

host:80 ➼ host:8080 ➼ guest:80