It's easy to install the Atlassian Plugin SDK on a Mac once using Homebrew:
brew tap atlassian/tap
brew install atlassian/tap/atlassian-plugin-sdk

I've built and rebuilt Mac machines enough times to realise that it's wasted time starting from scratch even with some simple commands.

I don't want or need to remember what to install. Maintaining a list of what is needed for my dev machines isn't cool. I just want my development machine to install and configure itself. Auto-install all the browsers, editors, IDEs, productivity and virtualisation software with one command in a single go.

Automate with Boxen

Boxen is a great way to quickly build a standard environment for your Mac machines. You can hit the ground running by creating your own copy of Our Boxen, then personalise at will. There are an absolute pile of Puppet modules for most obvious software installs, so no need to reinvent the wheel there. For more bespoke stuff, you can like me, quickly build your own with the help of puppet-template.

But what about automating Atlassian Plugin SDK installation?

Well, that's easy too. Boxen bundles Homebrew, so all you need to do is edit your manifests/site.pp or modules/people/manifests/your-github-username.pp file and add this:

  homebrew::tap { 'atlassian/tap': }

package { "atlassian/tap/atlassian-plugin-sdk":
ensure => present,
require => Homebrew::Tap['atlassian/tap'],

Then commit, push and run your boxen. You'll have the SDK installed at /opt/boxen/homebrew/Cellar/atlassian-plugin-sdk/

Then you'll be ready to go. Simple.

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