This is post originally appeared on Atlassian Blogs on November 14, 2011.

Is your Confluence Wiki adoption GROWING?

You introduced Confluence Wiki into your organization months ago. Over time it’s been getting busier and busier.

“This is good!”, you think, “The early days were slow, but adoption is picking up!”

The activity on your Confluence Dashboard is an endless stream meaning a lot is getting done. The organization is communicating more and collaboration is speeding up your business processes. Your email silos have vanished and it seems like the openness is bringing some organizational harmony with everyone sharing more!

But with all these good feelings, don’t you want some statistical validation?

Enter Google Analytics for Confluence, by AppFusions.

Google Analytics for Confluence provides you the full usage analytics picture on what is going on in your wiki!

Get powerful metrics on the traffic in Confluence, tracked dynamically and continually. Here’s a live example on the AppFusions website. Or, check out the video on the bottom of the page.

What’s in it?

“Out of the box”, tracking can display reports space-wide and also site-wide. In addition, you can use Confluence as your analytics reporting platform for external websites – allowing greater transparency of analytics reporting for your company. This plugin is perfect for digging deeper into how your product documentation or knowledge base serves your customers too.

You get detailed metrics on:

  • The big picture – # of visits, pageviews, new vs old, etc.
  • The most popular pages? (top content)
  • The depth of visits – how engaged are they?
  • Data on internal keyword searches, to understand trends
  • Users’ environment details, like browser, OS, screen resolution, etc. Especially useful for understanding mobile usage.
  • Where/who are the visits coming from? (especially good for global organizations)
  • Referrers. What sources are driving the visits?
  • If external facing, what are the SEO search words leading to your site?

Check it out

Watch this video to see the Google Analytics Plugin for Confluence by AppFuisions.

Try it now!

Request an Evaluation license from AppFusions to get going today!

Tomorrow, with your new analytics already tracking your site, you’ll be glad you did! :)